Quick start

Gmail API setup

  1. Create Google Developer Account

  2. Create New project

  3. Enable Gmail API

  4. Submit Consent Screen

  5. Create OAuth client ID inside Credentials

  • Type: Web application

  • Redirect URI: http://localhost:8000/gmailer/verify

  • You can replace localhost:8000 with your own custom domain in Redirect URI

  1. Download client cecret file in to project root as google_client_secret.json

  2. You can now go to Consent Screen for verification if you needed (Otherwise, only 100 logins allowed).

Django setup

  1. Install python package:

    pip install django-google-mailer
  2. Add name of the sender in settings.py (This step is optional):

    GMAIL_USER = "Django Admin"
  3. Add Google Auth redirection URL in settings.py:

    GMAIL_REDIRECT = "http://localhost:8000/gmailer/verify"

Here, GMAIL_REDIRECT must be set to same URL as in OAuth Credentials instead of the url given above.

  1. Include the google mailer URLconf in your project urls.py like this:

    path('gmailer/', include('gmailer.urls')),
  2. Visit http://localhost:8000/gmailer/ to display mailer urls.